Computer Science

Karel J Robot
(a.k.a - THE most awesome way to begin teaching someone about cs - Karel_Is_Kool.ppt)

Sample daily schedule for 8 weeks.

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Karel (ppt's) Karel Reading
Online original version at
Prof. Bergin. Also, here is the API for Karel.newest simulator options
Karel HW/Labs
(right-click the world files
and "save target as...")
.avi or .wmv
movies of the labs
Karel Review
ch 1
ch 1
ch 1
Review Ch1-Ch3
ch 2
ch 2
ch 2
#6's world file
#9's world file
Review Ch4
ch 3
ch 3
ch 3
#11's world
Review Ch5-Ch6
ch 4

ch 4

ch 4
#2's world file
Racer Robot Review Ch7-Ch9
ch 5 ch 5 ch 5
#9's world file
#11's world file
ch 6 ch 6 ch 6
#17's world file
#25's world file
ch 7 ch 7 ch 7
world file
ch 9
ch 9
ch 9
Smart Sorter  
Reading Worlds in Karel
(this is true for most IDEs - in BlueJ, you'll need full path)
Creating Worlds in Karel
BlueJ Fans
If using only the file name in the readWorld statement (e.g.,World.readWorld("ch2_9.wld")), then this physical file must be in the same directory as your .class files. You can, alternatively, use the whole path to the file (e.g., World.readWorld("c:\\myWorlds\\ch2_9.wld")
just execute the .jar - a GUI will pop open and you can draw yourself a world - if you're interested in creating the world with programming statements, see the World class in the API
See my BlueJ IDE page for easiest way to have students start Karel projects - or any type of project for that matter.
Karel Calculates PI
Newest KarelJRobot.jar
There is a newer .jar available from Joe Bergin. At this point, the only thing new is that you'll use "UrRobot" instead of "ur_Robot".