Computer Science

schedule (last edited: 1/23/2008)


Semester II - '08
Trees - hw1, hw2, hw3, hw4, hw5, hw6
BinaryTree Lab
Please pick a partner and you two code TOGETHER - one person at the computer - one computer - think together - do NOT work alone - I'm, obviously, out sick - see you soon
Semester I 2007-2008
GridWorld Case Study from the College Board
get it all
"Game of Fifteen"
see a video demo narrated by yours truly to see how this game is played
Linked List (ListNode) lab
Junit - unit/regression testing
click "JAMTester" in menu above - read "Automated Unit Testing with JUnit" paper - about half way down page in small print
MagicWand World lab (GridWorld)
EscapeFromAMaze lab (GridWorld)