Old AP CS Exams
Conversion to Java Project
by Dave Wittry

AP is a registered trade mark of the
College Entrance Examination Board
and had nothing to do with the production of this document -
other than agreeing to let me post these

By using these documents you agree to not post them on a web site or disseminate them to your students.

The exams you find below were originally in either Pascal or C++. They were all released by ETS and the CollegeBoard. With their gracious permission, they are provided to you here.

You should use these questions with caution for the following reasons:
- they are not polished documents - this represents a quick-and-dirty effort (well, maybe not so quick)
- there are surely mistakes (but most have been found by now - thanks to some of you)
- the questions do NOT cover the scope of the current exam
- it's just one guy's (possibly misguided) effort
- some of these questions are of NO use - they were translated just for fun - I leave it up to the individual teacher to decide

You'll find these questions useful for the following reasons:
they are in .doc form so you can edit at your will
- many of the old topics are still current topics (algorithmic stuff, recursion, arrays, strings, Big-O, etc.)
- especially helpful are all of the old tree, linked list, queue, and stack free response questions
- it's nice to have a few extra problems to toss in on tests throughout the year
- nearly every document contains suggested answers at the end

I would suggest you use http://apcentral.collegeboard.com as your guide to the types of questions on the exam and how they will be phrased.

Send all corrections/tips/suggestions to wittryd@tas.edu.tw. Send all complaints to noOneIsListening@tas.edu.tw. :-)