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Step-by-step guide to using the GDSV

1   Installation

First, download the GDSV via the Download Page.
Once downloaded, simply run the Windows Installer file (.msi).
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the GDSV.

2   Adding Libraries

In order to have your data structure class be displayed/used in the GDSV you must implement the GenericDataStructureViewable interface that has the arrayRepresenationOfDataStructure() method.

In order to compile your data structure class with the new interface, you must have the GDSV.jar library added to your classpath. To do this in BlueJ simply select Tools -> Preferences -> Libraries Tab and add GDSV.jar (You can find GDSV.jar in the GDSV installation folder: C:\Program Files\GDSV\ default for windows).

3   Coding a Data Structure

The GDSV is an application to help code and check student-created data structures. In order to help you see the process, here is a complete example (we use an ArrayStack class):

  1. Create a class
  2. Import the GDSV classes: import gdsv.*;
  3. Write the data structure (Use this code)
  4. Make sure your class realizes arrayRepresenationOfDataStructure()
  5. Compile
4   Running the GDSV

Once you have successfully installed the GDSV, included the libraries, and coded a data structure, you are ready to run the GDSV. To do so, double click on the "Run the GDSV" icon on your desktop.

On the first run the Automatic Updater will execute which will look to see if there is a newer version of the GDSV available. You can set the amount of times you wish the Automatic Updater to run (once per week, once per month, etc..). For more information please see the Automatic Updater page.

Click "Finish" to continue past the Automatic Updater; this will start the GDSV.

5   Using the GDSV

With the GDSV now open you are ready to load your data structure into the program. Following the on-screen instructions, browse your computer for your data structure's CLASS file. Next, select what type of data structure it is (you can always change it later). Finally, click "Start" to load your data structure into the GDSV!

From here you can call methods you coded and see the changes on your data structure visually. Please refer to the complete Interactive Help provided for step-by-step instructions on the functionality of the GDSV (Found under Help -> Interactive Help, SHIFT+F1).